Where The Fck Are The Popcorn Bags

The Lost City

Episode Summary

The Pee Bagz head out on a quest for some D only to find a shit show at the end of a rainbow. The Lost City (2022) stars Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum in a pathetic Gen-Z take on Romancing the Stone (1984). In this episode Mantis and Brianna discuss Brad Pitt’s historical career, Mantis coozes all over the place and Brianna reveals a Pee Bag first for her. Slap on your sequin jumpsuit, grab some proactiv for your backne, and find out if Daniel Radcliffe really is the boy who lived because this movie sucked some big D.

Episode Notes

Tidbits - 1:12

Review - 9:52

Spoiler zone - 23:04
















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