Where The Fck Are The Popcorn Bags

Jackass Forever

Episode Summary

“Hi, I'm Mantis Toboggan, and this is how to get CTE.” The Pee Bagz take a walk down memory lane while watching the end of a legacy and their youth. Jackass Forever (2022) stars most of the original crew, minus a few (RIP Ryan Dunn), and some new blood. In this episode, The Wild Boyz complain about streaming costs, Brianna hangs on by a few brain cells, and Mantis is in weenie heaven. Book that CT- scan ahead of time, don’t trust anyone, and say a prayer for the ol’ twig and berries, because it ain't over until a 50 year old prankster busts a nut.

Episode Notes

Tidbits - 1:52

Review - 12:11

Spoiler zone - 22:32
















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